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Welcome To Fathertime's "Buy Old Childrens,

Which is now being developed as a Old Vintage Children's Book Viewing Catalog for our Store Booth, Fathertime's Adopt an Antique. There we have available for purchase the OLD Vintage Children's Books displayed here along with others, A total of 563 listigs at this time and growing. As Old Vintage Children's books, they may have needed a bit of help and when appropriate has been done in a professional manner. 

  "Buy Old Childrens Books has been selling the Old Children's books since Sept. 2005"

  To better be able to serve you, we have now incorporated our "Buy Old Children's Books" web site into our Bonanza "Adopt an Antique Booth". 
  Doing so has allowed us more and better web options, easier editing and listing, and easier check out and payment options for customers.
   A purchase from our Bonanza Booth will be seemless. At this time there are 1880 listings with 565 Bonanza transactions with a 99.9 % postive feedback on 123 Bonanza reviews. Total feedback is 99.9 % on 2111 reviews since January 2000 when I started internet sales. I am hoping that this website, Buy Old Childrens will provide more exposure to our selling of the wonderful children's books you may remember. The categories in the catalog here are the same and in the same order as on Bonanza. The clicking of the category link here will take you to the same catergory on Bonanza

You are not Required to Join or Register with Bonanza to purchase, You can purchase Direct through Bonanza with Credit Card

Now: Receive a 20% discount on any total of a 50.00 purchase

The Buy Old Childrens Book site is being developed with the KISS method, "Keep Internet Site Simple". You will not find a lot of Bells and Whistles here that can effect your computer Load time. Simple can be better.

   Why Purchase Old Children's books: For yourself or your Parents or your Grandparents, A gift of that special children's book is a trip down memory lane. That gift will bring a smile to there face and a lot of reminiscing. The collecting of Children's books provides for some of the classic stories, illustrators and authors. The collecting of childrens books can be at a reasonable cost with availabilty in many places. And remember it is still enjoyable to read a Children's Book as an adult

Now Click this Site's Above Catalog Link, then your desired Category.

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